The nectar of the gods, a drink often drunken by the nobility and king,
If you drink you have big pp
I saw someone pour some Mountain Dew over a statue of a king for ceremonial purposes
by Americanski November 27, 2019
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Mountain Dew will make you live a long and healthy life. It also prevents most forms of stupidity.
by Chop August 6, 2005
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Hera: would you like something to drink, honey?
Zeus: more mountain dew, bitch.

by Gulliver Foyle III January 23, 2009
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A drink, gave to man as a gift from God himself. Known commonly as what Jesus died for. Has been produced in 6 flavors- Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew : Code Red, Mountain Dew : LiveWire, Mountain Dew : Baja Blast, Mountain Dew : Pitch Black, and Mountain Dew : Pitch Black II. Better than sexual intercourse. Seriously, its that good. Do The DEW!
"Do The Dew!" (Right now damn it!)

"I just jizzed everywhere!"
"Whoa! Do you have another can of Mountain Dew?"

"I can't feel my legs!"
"I just had sex while drinking a Mountain Dew"
by InJecTeD_MeTaL October 24, 2005
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Simply, the greatest creation when it comes to any sort of liquid.
Guy: Hey man wanna sleep over tonight? I got some mountain dew

Other dude: Hell yes!
by mountaindewizsik January 18, 2010
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Highly caffenated and carbonated soda from Pepsico. Very popular, and available at all USA supermarkets. Has the Most caffene than any other popular soda.

When you need to stay up all night for studying, hacking, or Lan Partying and cant get/afford Jolt, Red Bull or Bawls in your area its a OK subsitute.
by BillyG April 8, 2003
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The single most addictive, non-alcoholic drink I have ever encountered. I got hooked on it at an American airbase and I had withdrawal symptoms when i returned back to Newcastle. It tasted alot like a drink we used to have here called Tab, whatever happened to that?
I crack open a can:
mmmm sweet nectar, gotta have more, more, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ezmerelda August 28, 2005
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