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A simple entertaining pass-time that is the subject of much controversy among guitarists and video-game players. Being able to play a song on "expert" in Guitar Hero does not mean you are good at playing the guitar. However, that does not make the game less fun. Guitar players use it to bash video gamers, and video gamers use it to show off their "skills". However, a happy medium enjoys the game for what it is - a game.
Guitar Hero Player: Dude, this game rocks! But I'm smart and I know this is nothing like a real guitar . . . !
by JMBFallen November 17, 2006
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A game people love to buy for any console Ps2 and up great way to have fun when your bored and to listen to great music may even make you want to get a real guitar.
"Hey, can __________ come over?" no he is playing guitar hero
by Gamerman1337 November 21, 2011
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A Guitar Simulation game. Utilizing an included Gibson SG shaped controller, players can play over 30 different songs in both Metal and Classic Rock categories, including David Bowie, Megadeth, Creme, and Jimi Hendrix. Avaliable for Playstation 2.
"Guitar Hero is a fantastic game, and great at parties!"
by 100101001010 January 02, 2006
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A game. That's all it is, a game that gives you the feeling of being able to play guitar. While a money worthy game, tends to be annoying to people who play guitar *coughmecough* when people think that being able to play expert means they can play guitar...

*Note* Find a good medium
Guitarist: Guitar Hero is for fags
Me: I can realize that it's just a game and I'm better off playing real guitar and playing Guitar Hero every now and then.
by Les Paul Man April 07, 2009
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can be either

1. a game that uses a plastic stick with brightly colored buttons. occasionaly makes some addicts think they actually have talent on the real guitar, when in reality they are jealous pricks.

2. a game that some people play in small amounts. this is ok because they dont beleive they have any skill at real guitar and they could also be real guitarists too.
1. (this actually happened)
max(me): dude i finally got the intro to bark at the moon down!

tommy: sweet how long did it take?

matt s(guitar hero addict): you mean on guitar hero? i got 85% on expert! i can play it on real guitar too now! (no he cant)

me: what the fuck

tommy: go away


andrew(drummer): you know what song is awesome

me: no what

andrew: purple haze. its about a kind of weed thats apparently like 60$ a leaf!

me: thats like jimi hendrixes easiest song i learned it with the solo in 3 days

andrew: yeah its on guitar hero my cousin let me play it at his house

me: haha awesome just dont play it a lot
by lewdcruedtatooed May 10, 2009
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