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what americans pretend to be when on vacation abroad
jee im glad i put this "Canadain" flag on my back pack while traveling in Europe...cuz they sure hate us americans over there
by leif November 24, 2004

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1. Caesarian section.
Came from the Ticket, Gordon Keith.

2. Can also be a salutation of farewell.
Definition 1:
Girlfriend 1: Did she have natural childbirth?
Girlfriend 2: No, the baby was breech, so she had a vaginal slice born born.

Definition 2:
Dude 1: Well, time to go see the wife and squids. Later!
Dude 2: Vaginal slice born born!
by Leif February 18, 2005

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What happens to you when you start nodding off and then you jerk your head back suddenly. Happens a lot when staying on the computer too long. Very dangerous if driving.
If you didn't get enough sleep, and you're driving, please pull over at the first instance of naplash. If possible, get coffee or walk around, or take a proper nap.

I was trying to play SWG the other night, but one of the people in our group kept disconnectin, and I started sufferin naplash.
by Leif April 07, 2005

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One of those international exclamations that have made it to areas where there is some Scandinavian populations. It can express joy, frustration, bewilderment, etc.

The term Uff Da! can be found on many items at a Scandinavian shop - such as coffee mugs, license plate frames, etc.

It is an analogue of such words in other languages as "oy vey" or "carumba."

In Norway, Charlie Brown says, "Uff Da!" instead of "Good grief!"
Lars: The government is going to audit my income tax!
Henrik: Uff Da!

Thor: Did you see that hottie over there?
Leffe: Uff Da!

Henrik: Can you believe that Norway is only 100 years old this year?
Roar: Uff Da!
by Leif May 18, 2005

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When you eat food that is so freakin fantastic that it's like having an orgasm... but in your mouth... and without a mess.
Man, that Thai food was so phat that i'm having an orgasm in my mouth. I'm spent!
by Leif April 04, 2005

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One of the side effects of having your wife watch enough Star Wars - it's an offshoot of the Jedi Mind Trick. A wife performs the Jedi wife trick, by simply saying something to her husband that causes her husband to do her will. It's sometimes accompanied with the hand motion that Obi Wan used on the Storm Troopers in Episode IV.
Husband: My buddies and I are going to go shoot some pool over at Pool Hall X.
Wife: (with hand motion) You do not want to go out with your buddies.
Husband: I do not want to go out with my buddies.
Wife: You do not want to play pool.
Husband: I do not want to play pool.
Wife: These aren't the droids you're looking for.
Husband: These aren't the droids we're looking for.
Wife: You want to clean the kitchen.
Husband: I want to clean the kitchen.

Husband calls one of the buddies.
Husband: Sorry, I think I'd rather clean the kitchen and not play pool tonight.
Buddy: Damn, your wife pulled the Jedi wife trick again.
Buddy 2:(In background) That woman's a Jedi master.
by Leif June 27, 2005

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1) When your spouse is a wealth of information, much of it useless but sometimes entertaining.

2) When your spouse thinks he or she is a bleepin knowitall.
1) D: Did you know that the nobel prize is named after the person that invented dynamite?
M: No, did you look that up online?
D: No, Brett's a frickin Spouseapedia.

2) D: Did you get that bike after all?
M: No, Mike's such a frickin spouseapedia!
by Leif February 02, 2009

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