Kid 1: I have a test tomorrow and I'm so stressed and I don't know what to do-

Kid 2: Dude! Refresh, seriously!
by CarMay November 5, 2010
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In Warcraft III, it means closing all the open slots in a game and reopening them so the game appears further up on the custom game list. Thus, getting more people in your game.
"Refresh slots?"
"rf nub host"
by GreatHammurabi July 5, 2006
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The internet browser button that instructs the browser to reload the website.
404 error? I'm clicking 'refresh'!
by Diggity Monkeez January 26, 2005
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Being forced to change ones cell phone number or email address due to being consistently contacted by undesired parties or persons, such as ex-lovers.
Since I was getting so much spam, I just had to refresh my email address.
by D Bokeyno August 14, 2008
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The act of freshening one's friend after a long, drug-fuelled evening by arranging their face (eyes closed) just over a basin, while another cups their hands under a running tap (faucet) before thrusting - with great speed and accuracy - the handful of cold water onto the face and up the nasal cavity of the waiting friend. A 'slap' should be heard if successful.

Inductees to the ritual may fail to close their eyelids tight enough, so a pained "AARGHHH!!!" may be emitted as the water is forced under one or both lashes. This should be laughed at with vigour.
Almost comatose friend #1: I'm feeling like I've been run over by a train

ACF #2: The only thing that can save you now is a refresher

ACF #3: I'll hold your hair back
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nifty, cool, all right, or in agreement.

alternate - "ziing"
John: I made teh reservatinos for 8
Jane: refreshing
by RockitHC June 12, 2003
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The sexual act of wiping one's bonch ( aka chad, perineum) sweat on the face of another, either by direct contact with said bonch, or by soaking one's own hand with said sweat and proceeding to slap, wipe or rub another's face.
That guy who pipes up in lectures deserves a refresher...

Gave the hot chick with the fake cans a refresher. Hot!
by The big chief June 7, 2010
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