Where the young generation in a family adopts and purchases new technology product at a fast rate, and old versions (that are in working order but are not up to current standards) of that technology product are given to the parents or older generations of family.

Commonly occurs multiple times on commodity technology gadgets, leaving your parents with many gadgets to play with.

Called 'hand me up' in contrast to 'hand me down'.
Computers: having purchased a new computer to replace my 'slow' computer, I have given it to my grandpa to use. Thus the computer is a 'hand me up'.
by Hone March 4, 2008
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Particularly anything that has been handed down from one person to another. Preferably known as "cheap"
"Look at this dude walking into the club with these hand me down shoes on."

"Boy please, were in so much poverty right now that the closes thing you will get to Jordan's is your father's hand me downs back from class of 86'"
by mr. Swank February 4, 2010
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A previously-worn formal dress purchased and reused by another girl or woman. Most often occurs with wedding gowns or prom dresses.
1) Oh my God Jessica did you see that hideous hand me gown Becca wore to Prom? It must have been hanging in the Good Will store since the eighties!

2) "Well at least Tina is wearing a hand me gown wedding dress and didn't waste money on a new one." "Of course! This is her third marriage in it!"
by Rixter67 March 30, 2011
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"Hand me downs" are items, usually clothing, that's passed down from one person to another. It's especially common growing up in a poor/lower middle class family, where your older brother/sister gave you their clothes when they grew out of them.
My mom said I would grow out of this shirt size in a year, so she gave me my brother's hand me downs.
by letshaveapizzaparty February 13, 2015
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Hand me ups - When your younger siblings outgrow you and start giving you their clothes, socks and shoes etc that doesn't fit them.
"You don't realise how much they have grown until they give you stuff that doesn't fit them anymore. I call them hand me ups"
by Erinairi December 30, 2013
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Opposite of hand-me-down, whereby an item of clothing is given to the parent by the offspring if it no longer appeals to the offspring because it has either become ill-fitting or no longer appealing.
Scott was thrilled to receive a hand-me-up in the form of floral but manly shirt that did not fit his son Brad any longer and to whom he found it also unappealing and past its fashion statement status.
by R G Watson February 11, 2022
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