1. godfather
2. a close friend
3. a classmate
4. a companion in war
mi compadre murio el sabado pasado en iraq.
los compadres duermien durante el clase.
by CardPenComic December 1, 2006
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originally meant to "co-parent". a term used in antiquity to detote two men who had taken an oath of friendship or blood-brotherood before the Church. later, such relationships and ceremonies were known as becoming "siblings before God", and still later compadre became synonymous with the role of godparents or baptismal sponsors.
by dagger_grrl November 2, 2003
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1. Mexicans will pick two people to be God-Parents to their child. The Parents and the the God Parents are "Compadres' " The males usually use the child as an excuse to drink excessively.

2. Drinking Partner.
"Honey, I'm going to my compadres' house after work today. We're going to drink some Bud-Ice and down some shots of Tequila. Then I'll stumble home and give you that Tony Sanchez you've been asking about."

"I went to visit my compadre and God child. I had a few beers and next thing I know I'm in a pool of my own piss and vomit."
by chuy December 16, 2004
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When two best friends both have children, they go from being best friends to compadres or comadres (co-parents)
Now that Jaime has a son, he's my compadre.
by Hay9000 May 19, 2010
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Signifies a point in a relationship beyond friendship yet below the level of a romantic encounter. Not to be confused with a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend". Although this type of relationship may progress to that level, there is no guarantee of anything beyond friendship.
T is my compadre.
by G April 13, 2004
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a synonym phrase to: yeah buddy (yb) and indeed chum (ic); a phrase often used by two bestfriends that are inseparable, preferably both golfers; whose names are both Hannah and Collin; the coolest people you will ever meet.

acronym: AC
Hannah: "hey are you practicing at the gaven today?"
Collin: "affirmative compadre" (AC)
by hannahhkayyyyy January 31, 2011
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Someone whos your bestest friend and you love them dearly.
Even if they dont know what they are talking about.
Oh and someone who fucks piggies.=)
Chris See
AKA Chrissyface
by Stacey December 28, 2004
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