The noise the worlds most beautiful creature, Waluigi, makes.
by Full name January 16, 2018
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An ancient greeting bestowed upon us by the all-seeing high priestess Ninomae Ina'nis, performed by smiling, and rising your eyebrows.
It has been proven to reset your sanity levels when hearing it from her on a live stream.

Studies about its meaning speculate the word is a contraption of "lloig wgah’n", meaning: be/reside in psyche, however this hasn't been confirmed yet.
Ina: Wah!
Tentacultists (unison): Wah!
by deffinetlynotfrappu November 22, 2020
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Something our god Waluigi would say. He wants to be in smash.
Waluigi:Yo Sakurai I wanna be in Smash bros. Ultimate!
by SmashAddictPersonNOWLOOKAWAY October 25, 2018
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Furry 1: I’m just a smol little wah who wants to be dominated by a big buff man 🥺
Furry 2: How the fuck did you say an emoji out loud?
by pluey200 July 9, 2022
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An exclamation of wonder & surprise. It is a very common south asian word used in english & local languages alike. Very similar in meaning to wow, but used to expreses a deeper feeling from the heart.
Wah! Wah! what a song, it took my heart away.
by UrbanTurbanGuy July 1, 2013
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"Wah" or "wa" !? Meaning what. Used in Irish slang a lazy way of saying what?
As in "wah you doing?" Or "wah you on bout?"
by wahised April 9, 2015
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The sound the Peanuts characters parents make. Substitution for talking.
Charlie Brown: I fuckin hate homework.
by Thatstupidbitch April 22, 2010
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