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Another was of spelling (doobie) but also accepted among teenagers as a slang for "joint".
by Stoner2000 July 12, 2017
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1. Poor spelling of a word meaning joint (doobie) - influenced by college hijinx.

2. Dude who happens to show up when the bong fires up, but never buys a bag.
1. Hand me a dubie, i'm too poor to afford two "o"s.

2. Man, dubie must have a nose that can smell this skunk a mile away. Here comes dubie.
by Leif February 18, 2005
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One huge friggin' kid!

Could in some cases be extremely hot and may be a part of a gang of hardcore thugz called the "KD Krew".
Holy crap Dubie is the biggest kid ever invented, yet he is so thugginly hot!
by Optimus Prime January 29, 2004
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being stupid or dumb

wrong fac, fake or not even true

looks ridiculous
Dude your really dubie!!!
Stop just stop that some dubie trash

Hailey sorry but your hair looks dubie
by ArtBearTown December 4, 2016
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Something you yell when you want to be obnoxious or can't think of anything to say. Usually yelled rhythmically.
Guy #1: "What's the square root of 49?"
Guy #2: "uhhh.... DUBI DUBI!!!"
by mr. cool??? April 20, 2010
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a lovely huggable cosy tou bear (comes from the Hebrew word: Dov, which its meaning is a bear)
I love my dubi, Dana never leave her Dubi alone.
by Dov Moran November 11, 2007
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