Able to discern things that fat, stinking slobs could only dream of seeing if they only had the ambition to imagine. Source of hostility to greasy Neanderthal turd balls who feel it is OK to steamroll through their life in a hungover haze leaving nothing behind but a path of donut crumbs. The envy of bitter, sloppy losers everywhere.
Sam, being a detail-oriented person, noticed that Nick couldn't log into his computer because the caps lock was on and because it was the fifth time this month, beat him over the head with his keyboard.
by Asteroider May 20, 2010
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Focussing on insignificant details, usually the minor flaws of others. Detail-oriented people are easy to spot because they are usually without any friends and tend to work in tech-support or other fields in which being an asshole is an asset.
Sebastian, a very detail-oriented person, was busy expounding on the virtues of veganism whilst he slowly burnt to death without noticing that he was on fire.
by NigglyKong March 14, 2008
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Think annoyingly OCD plus anal retentive, on steroids!

This is that customer who complains about the slightest, minute cosmetic detail on a large piece of industrial equipment. Not talking about a scratch/scuff on a Ferrari, this is a slightly skewed label (slight enough that there is an internal discussion if it is even skewed) on a 15’ long, 8’ tall, several thousand pound piece of equipment, which gets installed in the corner, along the edge, or in a back room.

When you think ODO, use the chant from the Wizard of Oz when the guards are marching in:
O D O, Oh, Oh! O D O, Oh, Oh!
Yes sir, the equipment was installed without issue. Yes, it performs perfectly. No, there are no real issues with it, the customer is just ODO: Overly Detail Oriented.
by JV Hilliard August 31, 2018
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