When you zone out of something that you're supposed to be paying attention to, and start fantasizing that you are in bed, late at night, with the girl of your dreams.
by iTookAHarSHIT September 3, 2020
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1.A condition that occurs when one is in deep thought while looking in the same direction for a long time.
1. OOh i think boby is daydreaming about that girl sexy ass.
2 Where?
1. right in front of him
2. oooooo
by Sahara Desert February 11, 2009
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Thing that kids do to escape school and reality
Teacher: Would anyone like to explain me this.
Kid says nothing

Teacher: you

Kid: what

Teacher: what were you doing

Kid: telling you to suck deez nuts.

Whole class laughs

In terms of reality the kid was daydreaming. Isn't clear and obvious that kids do this to escape reality.
by One little hellian February 15, 2017
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A physically immobile, recreational act where one's mind wanders off into scenarios outside their current reality. Usually done when one is bored or when one wants to escape reality.
Ex. 1:
"This meeting sucks, and it's not even important. Who organized this? Well... I think I can at least get some daydreaming time in."
Ex. 2:
"I'm lying in bed and the pain is returning. Welp, at least I have my daydreams I can always escape to."
by Master-Wordsmith October 10, 2021
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State in which the mind drifts and escapes reality, 'having your head in the clouds'. Thoughts can either pass through memories of the past or imaginations of the future.

Sharing joyfull moments full of contentment and welfare with a close person and afterwards rewinding scenes of the time spent with them.
She was standing in the hotel room, waiting for him to get ready in the bathroom. After some time, she decided to knock and ask, whether she can come in. He agreed. She opened the door and was surprised by the sight of him standing stark naked next to the bathroom sink. His appearance took her breath and she stood in astonishment when finally, after a few seconds, she turned around nervously to stop staring. Even though short in duration, the full moment remained vividly burned into her memory for her to return to in many moments of daydreaming.
by Mr.Busy13 April 4, 2023
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A creative, non-logical, non-linear thought process. In other words what most ppl do when they get bored in a classroom.
What was the homework, I was daydreaming again during the lesson.
by ElAmo January 12, 2005
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When you slide into the abyss of your own thoughts.

Usually happens when you should listen to something deemed important by some.
I was daydreaming when the teacher was talking about me failing the test
by DannyTheCleptomanic October 27, 2019
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