a term for inhaling the compressed air and propellant from a canned product used for dusting computer keyboards and other electronics. Also see "huffing"
Lets go to the party and do som dusting. Jimmy was dusting and passed out.
by CJD January 31, 2005
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to shake parmesan cheese all over your Fazoli's breadsticks.
to dust: dusting: dusted
Jon: Hey man, Fazoli's today?
Matt: Yeah dude, I've been hankering for a good "dusting".
Jon: Yes, after we have "dusted" our breadsticks,It will look just like the picture.
by CrissCrossMcGee March 13, 2008
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A term Midwesterners use to describe the amount of snow that has fallen on the ground, when that amount is less than fourteen feet.
"That blizzard gave us a real dusting."
by Dr. Worm February 4, 2004
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When an old man that can no longer produce semen ejaculates and nothing but dust puffs out of his dick in a cloud.
James: I think grandma and grandpa were doing it last night.

Randy: Yeah, I'm sure he gave her a good dusting.
by Follows Herons May 31, 2006
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To dust, to leave behind, to break ankels....Typically happens in hockey,

Hockey Slang.

Damn that kid is soft and dusty, why is he on the ice.
by Kaner1188 February 3, 2011
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the act of persistantly and constantly being overly caring in a creepy and stalker like fashion. may also be known as a rent-a-stalker.
yoh hes dusting her hardcore!

what a dusting freak!
by bilbs & flans March 22, 2011
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when a old man ejaculates and nothing but pure powder leaves his penis
Mary was having sex with the old man from tinder and he was dusting on her all night
by the joke guys January 10, 2016
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