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you have met this online cutie while playing candy crush, a father of four, divorced, bald, terminal cancer, and you two are flowing quite nicely and you want to take it a step further
Marjorie: "is it too early to ask you to take us to a more private chatroom, maybe a little more furnished and less CCTV'd? You could show me pics of your medication and we could chat while you're doing chemo?"
Geoffrey: "🍆🍑"
by Krkič April 15, 2019
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what you say to yourself and your loved ones after one night of horrible, shiveringly fitty, delusional anxiety triggered by current global developments.
I am much better today. I am much better today. I am ..
by Krkič March 18, 2020
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vision: clear
worries: reduced
love: immense
smartypants: "I am glad we are spending this day together. Yes the situation is complicated but we can find a way because we are clever." 🖤
by Krkič April 14, 2019
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kind of not fully capable of reading romantic signs. demanding help to decipher love's codes. taking them who struggle with the lovey dovey whop shoo be doo whop by the hand and showing them a way.
"they are illoverate, i think"
"are they"
"Mmh i guess"
by Krkič May 28, 2021
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account1 to account2 on account1's Instagram public comment section: "you can always confidently dm me, i would never leave you on read"
account2: "also don't block or @ me"
account1: "👍🤗👾🏥"
by Krkič May 22, 2019
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when an ambulance passes your house and the siren sounds like a Robert Johnson tune.
it hasnt even gone off here and i am already so tense.
blue light blues
by Krkič March 24, 2020
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to not be scared of being loved by somebody as opposed to love somebody (which is easy)
"aunty Jane told me to not be scared of being loved, fully desired, adored, appreciated"
by Krkič August 23, 2019
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