In School Suspension, or "Independent Studie s"... which I am in right now for a poorly drawn penis on the chalk board in my Algebra II class.
by LarstaiT May 20, 2004
a special place in a youths life where they get the chance to sit around and experienc....absolutly nuthing.many of the inhabitants of the land of iss beleive they are funny and are the "baddest asses" in town. usually seen in iss are the folowing tpe of people
a.) hardcore emo ba's
b.)the good student who was tardy a few times
c.)the goofball (the one who does the showing off usually)
d.)the overlly crank teacher...who is pissed because he/she isnt a real teacher
wow this kid in iss is a dumb ass because he thinks he is funny
by Mel LeVeque May 2, 2008
Brandon: “Hey want to eat with us during lunch?”
Cameron: “Sorry I can’t I have an iss.”
by DeeplyDefined April 2, 2018
to kiss with no affection towards the person
Me and Drew L. just had an awesome iss!
by lolo mill November 6, 2009
Iss: derivitive of the contraction It's
iss alrightkidd, dont worry bout it
by Mercutio March 7, 2005
The new lol, it means I slightly smiled, which is exactly what you do.
A: Guess what I just saw brain cheese, it tasted good.
B: iss
by BilloJill September 24, 2006
An exclamation of delight or bliss, when in a particular comfortable or cosy environment.
(Following a rigid and exhausting day. Showered and slipping between freshly laundered and warm bedclothes) "Iss-Iss!"
by chris wheelie April 30, 2005