a fun phrase used when a friend is sneezing/coughing up a storm or is just in a general state of mild sickness.

although it may be used in place of "I hope you feel better" or "I'm sorry you're sick", it functions more properly as "get better soon because your sickness is grossing me out"
Friend A: *sneezes 10 times in a row*
Friend B: "Don't die."
Friend A: "I'll do my best."
Friend B: "Good. I don't want your death on my hands. I'm too lazy to take you to the hospital."
by Dr. Sassafrass April 13, 2010
Kat's copyrighted line. Belongs to Kat and Kat only. Not for Rita.
"don't die"
"that's Kat's line!"
by Katspersky September 17, 2020
Don't Die December is No Nut November but for emo kids
Emo kid 1: I want to fucking die
Emo kid 2: But it's Don't die December dude, wait until January
Emo kid 1: What the hell is that
Emo kids 2: it's kinda like No Nut November, we can't do something during that month
Emo kid 1: So Don't Die December is No Nut November but for emo kids?
Emo kid 2: Yeah
Emo kid 1: Looks like I'm about to fail on the first day
by DingDong1000 November 9, 2019
"Please don't die" is the new "I love you". Spreading rapidly worldwide, it's the coolest way to tell someone you love that you love them without sounding like a total tool. Do it today.. tell someone to "please don't die" and show them you really care.
I hope you have a good trip baby, please don't die. :(

*The :( sad face can be added for extra emotional effect.
by Totes Wild July 14, 2014
Well as the name says, you're not allowed to die for the whole month.
No deaths are allowed on Don't Die December
Person 1: I wanna die
Person 2: You can't, it's Don't Die December
by Kenma Kozume November 3, 2020
An event that obliges you to beat Minecraft in Hardcore.
Person 1: Hey, it's December, wanna try Don't die December?
Person 2: Hell yeah man, I'm boutta' log on.
by Harvek December 1, 2020
As the name implies you are not allowed to die in December.

No killing, no illness, no suicide, NO DEATH
Person 1: I would really like to kill someone
Person 2: You can't kill anyone this month, it's Don't Die December

Person 1: I wanna die
Person 2: Don't you remember that it's Don't Die December, you're not allowed to die this month
by Kenma Kozume November 3, 2020