an acceptable time frame for a guy to jerk off quickly, without it being too over quick. -if start to finish a guy cums in under 8 minutes, he should never make mention of it, as it would be an embarrassing insult.
guy1: how long did that virus scan take?
guy2: no longer than eight minutes
guy1: AUGGHH
guy2: lol
by willyjohnson July 22, 2008
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To do something extraordinarily fast or in a noticeably smaller time frame than than the length of time it usually takes.

Originally came from a story where two girls were going to be late for school. They lived about twenty minutes away, but drove so fast, they got to school in eight minutes.

Can be used with the word "under" to add additional speed to the action. This has a similar effect to Over 9000, but should not be confused with it.
Girl: Awh man, we're gonna be late for class...
Boy: Eight minutes! We can do this!

Wow! She totally finished that Statistics test in under eight minutes!
by Sylvannis November 3, 2011
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A drinking game centered around the contemporary classic sitcom Friends.

Participants are recommend to use a lower-percentage drink (i.e. lager or cider), and while watching an episode of Friends, each participant must continuously swig their drink (chug) while Ross is on screen. The game lasts for the first eight minutes of the episode, hence "Eight Minutes of Ross."

Participants must drink regardless of how much of Ross is on screen. Even if just his elbow or the top of his head is on screen, participants must drink.
A: Do you know any drinking games?

B: Erm, do you know Eight Minutes of Ross?

A: I love Eight Minutes of Ross, I couldn't stand up the last time I played that!
by Szam April 27, 2011
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