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Used heavily in El Paso, Texas, USA and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, "ay ay" is the repetition of the Spanish word "ay" which is equivalent to the interjection "oh" of the English language. When "ay" is said twice, i.e. "ay ay", it functions as an expression or acknowledgement of frustration, absurdity, disdain, and other "negative" feelings.
Some Mexican dude: I'm going to run for president.

Some Mexican chick: Ay ay.
by Paco Belmondo April 20, 2005
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used in place of "whatever", "yeah right", "no way", or "nuh-uh"
ex1: -"Ey guey, i just won 1000 bucks!"
ex2: -"ay ay!"
ex1: -"Seriously, i did!"
by du bist ein Arschloch April 12, 2009
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Definition: A geeza that is bloody mental and does dumb shit. E.g. that one guy at a party, high on some next level shit, and willing to do anything for something pointless in return, like a bowl of egg rolls or something as random as that. who knows what an Ay ay will do cuz they're all fucked up.

the Word came from a cheeky bugger named Mr Ay Ay. Mr Ay Ay is a typical geeza that doesn't like Germans. Best known as the 'Sargent Ay Ay' in WW2, head-butting all the bullets with his wonky helmet. he is always shaking and he mumbles about the war. if you interrupt his strange moments of mumbling he will usually shout '' bloody fucking Germans''.
it's not easy to attract his attention, and when you do he talks about explosions going off in his head, or he would talk about his true love, Miss Naweewee. ''she was an obese midget, but I swear on my WW2 helmet that she was a fucking stunner'' he would say.

despite being an absolute lunatic, he was quite the funny chap

How the word should be used in a sentence:

Don't worry, being an 'Ay ay' doesn't mean you automatically hate Germans. use the term 'ay ay' for when someone is doing some weird stuff.
What you say to a person who is being an Ay Ay:

example 1- you're being a fucking Ay ay

example 2- 'are you Ay ay ok', instead of a-okay

example 3- that guy is acting like an Ay ay

'Ay ay' is said in any way you can think of, it just has to be said to someone who is doing some dumb shit. Basically, if anyone is acting strange, just hit them with a: Ay ay?
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by Anonymous Ay Ay May 14, 2018
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