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An amazing brown hair, hazel eyed young man. He is strong and has sexy abs and can often be described as "Orgasmic" He usually has a 7-8 inch penis.
-Hey look! He has a big dick!
-What a valentin....
by ThatOneHotBlonde April 11, 2013
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A male who is usually from/of Russian background, cocky, can get extremely egotistical, is found to be most likely born as a Leo. With honor and humble pride, he strictly believes in what he knows is right and doesn't permit anyone or anything to falter his thoughts.

Symbol is of a lion because of how demanding, closed off, powerful way he can react. Is known to be a really deep person who could pass as a motivational speaker or someone who sees the positivity and consequences for himself and make his mind on what he knows fits for him.

Valentins keep secrets. They have difficulty trusting just anyone and it is really difficult to earn their trust. One who disproves themselves to them, they close their heart off to them for awhile.

Valentins get hurt easily. Inside is a bottle filled to the top with painful emotions and it would take years to empty/release it all. They have been hurt in the past and have trust and honesty issues with people they meet.

Deep rich brown eyes, brown hair, their usual tall height and addicting laugh makes them a hit with people around them. They carry a charisma that makes others want to be close to them, but they themselves don't always realize it.

Although they are known for being such douches at times, they aren't capable of being hated. They are loveable, caring, understanding, amazing people.

People underestimate them until they get to know them... Not close with them? You're missing out from living on high.
Nolan: Babe, that friend you have is a total knockout, how'd you find a guy like that?

Eve: I worked the magic, haha, nah, Valentin and I met after climbing the same palm tree back in Tampa.

Nolan: He's a Valentin??????

Eve: The one and only.

Nolan: Mann, I need to find myself a Valentin.

Eve: You can only dream :)

Nolan: I already am.
by PliableEpicNolanxx January 24, 2014
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a tall, handsome, consumer of food who never gains weight, no matter how much he eats.
wow that guy just ate 3 pizzas, how's he so thin? oh right, he's a valentin.
by urbanman123 September 07, 2011
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a tall, handsome, consumer of food who never gains weight, no matter how much he eats.

likes to entertain himself when there's no choice.
He still survives that place because he's a Valentin.
by Hedwig Morris November 24, 2012
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Valentin is a blue eyed, blonde guy. You can find the whole sea in his amazing blue eyes. He's perfect, even if he's different from other guys. He plays videogames, watches videos and plays table tennis. I think he's hawt. He's a hungry lion who wants to find his perfect pray. Valentin is sex.
-Hey, Valentin
-Watcha doin'
-Nofing. U?
by Jake1997 January 12, 2013
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in Bulgarian language this means :
one realy noisy, very large food consumer, dogged, uncompromising designer.

Also is synonym of man who works even when we should not work ( for example in sunday or satardays )

shortly : valio
by Obi Won Kenobi April 27, 2005
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