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feeling let down by an asshole who never stays true to their words. Sad Upset
She's disappointed because her boyfriend broke up with her rather than introduce her to his family.
by fataLexO May 07, 2008
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when you wake up for a dream but it takes you a while to realize it was just a dream. Then you get mad.
Wait, where did that picture go. AWW FUCK I'M SO DISAPPOINTED!
by Decent Definitions February 25, 2017
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What your parents are the morning after you snuck out of the house to a rave, and got brought home naked wasted by the cops.
Girl 1: *Slurs words* I'm sorry.

Mom: Sorry will never be enough. Your father and i are disappointed in you, and we will make you feel like shit and hella guilty, because you are the worst child ever. *Voice of satan* YOU'RE GROUNDED!!!!!!.

Father: Yeah, exactly what your mother says.

Girl 1: I need another drink if this is what my life will be like for the next few years til i'm 18.
by Blahblah86 June 23, 2009
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When you actually believe a Cleveland team would actually win
I was disappointed when the Cavs lost the game
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feeling let down by piece of shit people who don't know how to stay true to their word. fuck you fat dumb fuckin stinky ass turd
"i am disappointed in you, in every possible way"
by take4wildguess September 14, 2009
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sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfil one's hopes or expectations
Jess: can't say I'm surprised just disappointed.
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by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 05, 2019
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