A slut that you once called your girlfriend who decides to sleep with someone else
You have been living with this girl for 2 years and one day she not only decides to become a junkie but rather than pay for her grugs she figures it easier to work them off on her back so she screws a drug dealer in return for drugs all the while telling you she loves you,Thats a cheating whore (Brandi was her name)(see The Whoredown in MySpace)
by Luke Friendly August 13, 2006
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Where'd you get those pink fifties, you cheating whore? Get your hands off me Grandpa! GRANDMA'S A CHEATING WHORE!
by Shandle April 26, 2007
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Someone that cheats on someone else for 3-4 months. They usually lie about everything, and act as if they know everything. This person may have a name that stats with A and ends with ber
That cheating whore slut cheated on me for 4 months. Fuck her.
Amber is a cheating whore slut.
by funeral wolf August 4, 2008
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A wife or girlfriend who uses the excuse of being wasted for doing something they knew they shouldn't have been doing.
Girlfriend text: i had sex with a guy last night at a party, but i was really wasted.
Boyfriend text: you drunk cheating whore we're done
by CaR_RaceR December 13, 2011
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