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One of the more horrific items of practical jokery, basically a "liquid filled" used condom thrown at a (soon to be former) friend or preferably an enemy as you would a water balloon. Not Recommended if you want to remain popular, or indeed, alive.
"Well your honour, I stabbed him 40 times as the previous day he got me in the face with a particularly well filled spunkbomb, covering my skin my clothes, and possibly my soul, with foul salty seminal fluid"
by Kris April 06, 2005
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1.a girl who has ridden a cock so hard, that the subsequent ejaculation causes her box to balloon with semen.

2. a fat munter
that Friginia, she is a walking, talking spunk-bomb
by champignons May 02, 2005
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When someone ejaculates into a mixture of a food such as cake mix or biscuit mix so then the food smells and tastes like a hot load.
Josh: wow smell my biscuit
Mitch: dude thats pretty sick
Josh: yeah it some one definately dropped a spunk bomb.
Joe: Omg these biscuits are amazing (eats the spunk bombed biscuit in one bite)
by Hilary Clinton April 24, 2007
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