A term used within the black community to describe a person's skin tone that can range from an almond brown to a deep mahogany color. This symbolizes strong African ancestry.
"I love what that dark skinned girl over there is wearing!"
by Queenin' October 23, 2015
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An African-American person having brown(other cultures) to dark brown to almost black skin. Other cultures (East Indians) consider themselves to be dark also
Lil Wayne is dark skin with dreads.
Omar Epps is a sexy dark skin man.
Kelly Rowland is a beautiful dark skin girl.
by ThickKeKe757 November 7, 2007
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A white girl who takes on the stereotypical personality traits and characteristics of a black girl including but not limited to: use of slang, style of dress, only dating black men, etc., not usually purposefully.

Made popular in a song by underground hip-hop artist MURS, having the same title (DSWG).

Can also go both ways: a black girl who takes on the stereotypical personality traits and characteristics of a white girl...
Girl1: Why does she talk that way?
Girl2: She's a dark skinned white girl...
by Tracee Nicole February 17, 2008
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Use to identify another person who has either lighter or darker skin tone. With the commonly inaccurate categories of white. black, Hispanic, etc. This allows the speaker to accurately address somebody else without using general slang terms or formal speech.

Depending on the pigment of the speaker light or dark is directly related to the subject. Two different people may call another exact subject the opposite when giving a description.
Hey there "light skin or dark skin." How are them Redskins looking for that game against the Cowboys?

Excuse me "dark skin or dark skin" I am short on my bus fare by a dime; any chance you could help me out?

That light skin broad I saw was a real class act.

I was feeling how that dark skin cat was laying some knowledge to them hoppers cutting up in the park. That was some old school looking.
by Heathen Minded January 2, 2012
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Dark blue skin is when your skin is so dark it looks blue.
For example: Many hamites who were born and raised in Africa/Alkebulan and abssynia have dark blue skin.

Africa was known as Alkebulan or Ethiopia and the name Africa comes from Scipio Africanus who it was named after.

Ethiopia was known as Abssynia before it was called Ethiopia and America was named after Amerigo vespucci.
by Spokentruth October 24, 2019
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