UB is Used when defining the ugly bastard in Hentai, he's usually a 40 yr old man
by Marsy. February 5, 2020
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Joe was about to stand to shake Jeremy's hand, but was forced back into the chair by an enormous UB.
by bellirubbre April 13, 2009
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an acronym meaning UNGRATEFUL BITCH
man that girl who drives that one black honda accord is a UB
mainly of asian decent and likes to play guys and is cheap and selfish and doesnt like to turn their lights on in their big house
Dont be a UB
man that girl is a UB
by UBsarebaddontbeone April 26, 2009
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A simple acronym meaning Ultimate Bro. Typically used to describe an action that is more beneficial to your friend (bro) than yourself. Can also be a description of a person who performs such acts.
Brian was pretty bro when he got that girls attention for you, but Joel was so UB by getting her number for you.
by DJJaySee November 10, 2011
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A baby that is so ugly (Ugly Baby) that it is cute.
"Oh look at that UB" person 1
"Wow, he's such an UB" person 2
"Thanks! What's a UB" confused mother
"It just means he's cute" person 1
by UB-UB-UB November 17, 2011
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University at Buffalo; dominated by liberals. The largest and most prestigious university in New York State.
by Alcohizzol December 6, 2003
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Me: Is UB ugly bastard or university of buffalo?
You: Go kill yourself.
by jack barrington September 21, 2005
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