42 definitions by Kempo

When, while not looking, you walk into a lamppost.
*Dave walks into a lamppost*
Mike: Har har, you got lampposted!
by Kempo May 16, 2006
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The sensation of your erection instantly dropping when you see a particularly ugly female species. Can be used with the phrase boom.
I saw Helga earlier after getting with Amy, she wasn't wearing underwear. BOOM, insta flop!
by Kempo April 27, 2006
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A gay person. Named because of the majority of the male Hollyoaks cast looking gay as fuck.
you're such a hollyoaks boy

that dude over there is a definite hollyoaks boy
by Kempo August 19, 2007
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The procession of cars that gathers behind an incredibly slow car when driving over speed humps.
Sorry I'm late, I was stuck behind a hump procession.
by Kempo September 19, 2012
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When a female puts her chin and mouth in a pool of cum and it resembles a beard.

It is recommended that she licks it off her own face and swallows, spitting is for losers.
I gave my hoe a bubble beard and she licked it off!

My girlfriend gave herself a bubble beard with my cum! Joker!
by Kempo April 24, 2006
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A different way of saying the phrase "yourself?". Used in a conversational manner, as a reply.
Person A: How ya doing?
Person B: I'm good thanks, chaself?
by Kempo August 15, 2006
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