What old people used to call headphones.
Teacher: Take off those earphones at once!
Student: What?
Teacher: Your earphones. Take them off.
Student: WTF are earphones?
by bremerton January 15, 2010
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A way to make everyone start talking to you OVER your music or entertainment to piss you off.
1: (Puts earphones in)
mom: Get me some water!
dad: Pass me my glass
sister: (mouthing words0
1: (takes earphones out)
Everyone (Shuts up)
by #IStayLogical July 27, 2012
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The sexual act when two males insert their penises in the recipient's (usually a female) ears, causing "music."
"So, me and Mark decided to give Jane the 'earphones' last night!"
by dillensson September 17, 2009
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listening to music , not outloud but through plugs
earphones are helpful
by jimmy stevan October 26, 2016
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a sound receiver which is usually plugged into a portable music device that fit directly into your ear which feeds the music information without emitting sound out around you neighbors. It is more convenient that head phones, and you can share them more easily.
Bob: dum de dummmmmm dum duuu duuu dummmm DUMMMM

Joe: will u PLEASE get some earphones
by onewhodies November 14, 2010
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A new kind of head phone that is just two earplugs with speakers in them. They are very small and will frequently fall out of your ears. So get traditional headphones, instead of the new kind wear the brace goes around the back of your head or the ones where they fallout of connect around your earlobe. Classic headphones pwn!
Me: Stop using that crap you idiot they just keep falling out of your ears!

Idiot: Nuh-uh! Not if I just hold them in.

Me: *I uppercut the idiot and he explodes 4 times.
by master stghm February 5, 2005
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When a person has earphones in apparently listening to music, but in reality listening to other people's conversations, usually about how creepy that person is.

Other people think he's not paying attention because he's jamming to music, so it's a very affective illusion.

Usually employed by creepers, stalkers, or when a person happens to overhear something about themselves, in which they turn down or off their music to hear what is being said.

Another similar illusion is pretending to sleep. People then open up and start talking about things they may not while one is awake.
"I don't think we can talk right now. Jake looks like he's earphone phaking."

"I was earphone phaking the other day, and I heard Amanda likes Joe!"

"Man! I hate Mike! He's such a earphone phaker!"
by J.S.H.T. September 23, 2009
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