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A crap (but popular) soap, that trys to give a realistic portrayal of teenage life today, and it fails. It has a cast of tediously dull middleclass teens, that consists of mostly emos, alternative/idie twats, dickhead college students and a few adults who are equally boring, oh and everyone seems to be depressed. The storylines are farfetched but still incredibly predictable, they include; murder, incest, student/teacher relations, faking death for insurance money and of course something gets blown up every six months (usually the pub). On top of all that its got the usual gushy teen romance that never lasts, teen pregnancy, drugs, students worrying about their exams, homosexuality blah blah blah. Now on to depression, i dont know what it is but all the kids in this show seem to be constantly depressed, its your average run of the mill, "oh being a teenager is so hard, you dont understand what im going through, i need a girlfriend or my life aint worth living, wahhh", yep they whine and bitch about stuff that isnt really as important as they make it out to be. Cheer up you bunch of middleclass twats, it could be a lot worse.

Ok having said all that, i have to admit i do find myself watching this nearly every day, its that terrible curse of the soap opera, once you catch a glimpse of the story, you want to find out what happens next, and then your hooked until they cancel it 20 years later. Oh well at least there are some hot girls in it, especially that Nathalie Emmanuel who plays "sasha", and shes one of the few people in the show that doesent have a northern accent, which is a breath of fresh air.
Hollyoaks, crap, but addictive, and it could be a lot worse, watch some teen soaps in the USA and you will know what i mean.... *shudders*
by they call me mr bombastic August 14, 2008
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...No. Hollyoaks, is in fact the shittiest TV soap in the UK. Ever. No plots, no excitement, no diversity. Just half an hour of boring, (albeit mostly v. pretty) bimbos and pretty boy cunts, who walk around like headless chickens in the latest Topshop fashions, talking absolute bollocks and doing fuck all.

Should only be watched for 5 minutes and muted, for a quick, pleasurable wank.
Hollyoaks should fuck off and die.
by IntelligentIdiot November 28, 2006
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best soap, should have some show in the awards instead of eastenders!ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toby's dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Unknown November 07, 2003
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