best soap, should have some show in the awards instead of eastenders!ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toby's dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Unknown November 7, 2003
After the infamous scence in the UK soap Hollyoaks about ten years ago when the character Luke got chased from football training and was bum raped by three guys.

This gave rise to the term 'Hollyoaked' or a 'Hollyoaking' instead of the more common phrases sodomy, bum rape or bummed.
"Mate you dont want to walk back that way, you might get Hollyoaked down there".
by Ian_99 February 9, 2010
...No. Hollyoaks, is in fact the shittiest TV soap in the UK. Ever. No plots, no excitement, no diversity. Just half an hour of boring, (albeit mostly v. pretty) bimbos and pretty boy cunts, who walk around like headless chickens in the latest Topshop fashions, talking absolute bollocks and doing fuck all.

Should only be watched for 5 minutes and muted, for a quick, pleasurable wank.
Hollyoaks should fuck off and die.
by IntelligentIdiot November 28, 2006
The act of indulging in a Saturday morning tug while watching the nubile young actresses (or actors) prancing around the UK Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks.
by Y'Pal April 19, 2009
A game in which the contender start masturbating in the title sequence of the British soap opera Hollyoaks and the challenge is to climax and finish before the end of the sequence.
You wouldn't believe it, but I was so close to cumming and beating the Hollyoaks challenge but before I could the opening finished.
by smegbottom November 16, 2017
A gay person. Named because of the majority of the male Hollyoaks cast looking gay as fuck.
you're such a hollyoaks boy

that dude over there is a definite hollyoaks boy
by Kempo August 19, 2007