an umbrella verb for all the physiology-studying, paper-writing, midterm-on-the-last-day-of-class-before-the-final-taking, and organic-chemistry-mechanism-drawing that school entails
Emily doesn't want to school anymore.
by EK809 June 1, 2009
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The last remaining institution child labor laws do not cover.
1. my kid stayed up 'til 3am last night completing an algebra project composed entirely of letters. WTF?!

2. I love 40-hour weeks when I'm 13 years old!

3. social life, family life, and sanity: kiss them all goodbye at the opening of the school doors
by IBdeadsoon March 8, 2009
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A mentally and physically straining torture chamber that resembles a prison.
Jessica: What’s that prison looking place over there?

Rebecca: Oh, That? It’s school.
by I.make.weird.definitions January 23, 2019
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A complete and utter waste of precious childhood.
You wake up at six in the morning to go to a building which resembles a federal prison. There, you go from class to class, repeating the same thing over and over every day. You get obsolete, inconsequential bullshit shoved down your throat by people who are only there for the money and time off. Then, you get tested on this bullshit, and if you fail because you don't understand, then that's too bad, which totally defeats the purpose of learning anyways. Meanwhile, you are forced to interact with mindless clone bot teenagers who only care about drugs, sex, and the mall. And if that's not enough, they send you away with more bullshit, also known as homework, to do during your only free time at home when you could be pursuing your own interests that might at some point be relevant to the life you want to lead instead of the one the fucking government chooses for you. In the future, you will never need to know quadratic formulas and geometry unless you plan on becoming a mathematician. To sum it all up, school is a big competition to weed out the "smartest" people who the government hopes will one day take reign over their cesspool of fucking moronic imbeciles which is leading our country to hell. Our only hope is that one day someone who can see through this will break free from this penitentiary and make some much needed reforms.
If you ever need to know anything they teach you in school in real life, there's this nifty little thing called GOOGLE.
by sick of asphixiation. May 31, 2009
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Did you know that school actually is the same as prison?

1) you may not leave the schools area. 2) you cannot have any weapons on you. 3) you are not allowed to use violence on anyone (not even the teacher) 4) you shall listen to the teacher. 5) you are stuck with the same people day in & day out.
"How was school today, honey?"

*whispering* "you mean prison right?"

"What? I could not hear you"
"It went fine"
by StephanieTheDictionary March 30, 2016
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a place you go to spend 70% of your day sitting in an uncomfortable, plastic chair
"what's wrong"
"I can't move my butt"
"Oh, must be school"
by Odochi November 27, 2006
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The mandatory hellhole where you're forced to go for 14 years. Often full of teachers that bore you out of your mind and bombard you with this useless crap you will never need (such as the dreaded things called homework or coursework), bratty wannabe gangstas who think they rule the world, dog-shit cafeteria food that moves, and a fuckton of other things that make it seem like somebody decided to put education, hell, and prison all in a blender and then the result is these compulsory things called "schools".

If you think that you couldn't learn anything without the help of compulsory school, maybe you never thought of alternatives. And free education? I spend 100-200 on school crap each year, so don't bombard me with that chestnut. And the next person to mention flipping burgers can hop on the school bus and go to hell.
Student 1: I hate school!!
Student 2: Agreed
Teacher: *hears conversation*
Teacher: You both have detention for 2 weeks!
Students: WTF!
by The Knife Ninja December 2, 2012
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