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An often ficticious narrative, message, or news story containing a religious message that is spread all over the Internet chiefly throught the use of email.
That stupid godspam comparing the ACLU to the Taliban pisses me off to no end!
by JonathanChance June 29, 2003
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Nickname given to the Hawker Hurricane, A British WWII fighter. Made a name for itself during the Battle of Britian, where Hurricanes and Spitfires bravley defended British cities from attack by German bombers.
by JonathanChance September 30, 2003
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Any college course that requires a grade of C or better to move on to a more advance class or to earn a degree. Failure to eran the required C in these classes often results in people either changing majors dropping out of college.
Did you hear that Joe got a C- in College Algebra? Now that he's hit a C-wall, he's going to have to become a theatre major just like us.
by JonathanChance October 2, 2003
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Name given to the person who is in charge of the world's largest radio trivia contest held every spring in Stevens Point, WI. The Oz writes the questions, enforces the rules, has the power to make any changes in the rules at any time during the contest, rules on complaints about particular questions, and is a really, really cool wordfrood/word.
What the fuck? We have a fucking book source saying otherwise! Remind me to call Oz on the compliant line about that question
by JonathanChance October 1, 2003
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Military acronym for Forward Air Controller. A forwar Air Controller flies over enemy targets in a light aircraft, usually propellor-driven, and marks the targets that the strike aircraft and at times ground artillery need to attack. With the advent of recent advances in sattelite reconnasaince and UAV technology, the Forward Air Controller has become a thing of the past
by JonathanChance September 30, 2003
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One who takes more than his or her fair share.
Grrr, tat fucking lardass piker took the last four pieces of cake!
by JonathanChance September 24, 2003
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