Southwest Airlines equivalent of SSSS (see previously accepted definition highlighted) . Upon receiving the checkerboard you have to go through extensive secondary security screening because of pre-selected criteria.
Due to me flying one-way, I was given the checkerboard treatment by Southwest. Now I have to go through extensive security before the flight.
by Piranha January 26, 2006
Like a Pressed Ham. The bare buttocks is placed against a chain-link fence.
by Anonymous March 7, 2003
Either a black girl who is with a white boy or visa versa, a white girl with a black boy.
"My boyfriend is as black as night and I'm ivory. I am a checkerboard chick."
by Megan Hatley June 27, 2008
An area to the north of Wiarton, Ontario, on the Bruce Peninsula, renowned for rednecks and peculiar behaviour.
by Feo2 July 10, 2010
A person that is usually an entity of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, or is stupid enough to put green checkerboards on a roof of a germen car. Twisted logic like this produces a bigger ego than the sun.
"Damn I thought that checkerboard queer was never going to leave me alone, luckily she got in her gti and drove away, if she had stood here any longer I might of caught an STD
by Sulman May 15, 2008
A white girl who likes black guys because they are the best lovers in the world. When together they make a "checkerboard" because of their black and white pattern when they hold each other close. She is known to love their soft skin and luscious lips.

Not always a great thing to be when bitchy black girls are around.

(what white wouldn't like a black man? whoever she is, is a liar!)
I am proud to be a checkerboard chick!

What the f**k! That damn white girl is flirting with my man. What a checkerboard chick!
by mary_andrews16 February 24, 2009