(game) when you

idek what it mean lol
i'm getting contested
by August 13, 2019
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In Video Games, stopping the enemy from capturing the point or winning the game. Also something that 90% of Overwatch players dont do.
MuffinHead89: "Dude, why didn't you contest the point? We (the rest of the team) were really close to coming back"

BlackThunder: "Because I would've died, idiot!"

MuffinHead89: "You could've bought us time by contesting the point!"
by mauncc August 16, 2018
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A contest to be the first person to remember (and shout) "the Contest" after you remember The Game.

You can never win The Game, but you CAN win The Contest.
Person A: That was a stupid game.
Person B: ...THE GAME.
Person C: The Contest!
Person A: Fuck.
by snafoolery April 4, 2009
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Usually used when comparing things in a funny way.

One item is so vastly superior that it just fucking bitch slaps the competition.

Or that both items are equal and therefore the funniness is gone and the term becomes more literal.
That bitch and this bitch? No contest my man. This bitch is the shit.

Xbox 360 and PS3? No contest, your shit just RRoDed your ass and my PS3 YLoDed.

Mac or PC? No contest there man, I figured out how to get PC on my Mac. 'cept the GPU sucks.
by Allen75 June 7, 2010
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A game in which participants must look up the most horrifying toon porn that ruins their childhood memories. The winner is declared when the other contestants childhood memories are completely shattered.
"Before The Contest, I used to love care bears! Now all I can think about is them in a circle jerk."
by Scrambles The Death Dealer August 21, 2008
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A contest between you and your friends to see who can go the longest without pleasuring themselves. As seen on Seinfeld.
by BixbySnyder69 May 11, 2021
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A pissing contest is any argument that just goes back and forth between two individuals but never gets resolved.
Joe: "I can piss farther than you can."
Bob: "No you can't!"
Joe: "Yes I can!"
Bob: "No you can't!"
Joe: "Yes I can!"
Bob: "No you can't!"
Joe: "Yes I can!"
Bob: "Prove it!"
Joe: "OK, you go first!"
Bob: "No, you go first!"
Joe: "No, you go first!"
Bob: "No, you go first!"
Joe: "No, you go first!"
... and so on.

Pete: "Man! That's one helluva pissing contest you two guys are having."
by Old Polecat January 15, 2009
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