A mediocre college town in Central Wisconsin. Nice place to grow up, sucks ass at any point past age 13. Home to UW-Stevens Point, the amazing Point Brewery, the largest high school in Wisconsin SPASH, the World's Largest Trivia contest, and creepy murals painted on every downtown wall.
Wow, you live in Stevens Point? Dude, that SUCKS!

Stevens Point has absolutely nothing to do, but they do make the best beer in the country.

Wisconsin Rapids got their ASSES kicked by Stevens Point in last night's football game!
by I unfortunately live here June 25, 2011
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When a 44+ year old man uses his stretch marks to cover his crippled misanthropic friend's nose and mouth holes, but leaves a snorkel made of rusty beer cans within arm's reach, for breathing or sex stuff
Man, I was hanging out with Chad today and he really gave Cyrus the ol' stevens point face mask last week; he was walking with a limp, still, so clearly Cy chose life.
by Wise_comment June 1, 2021
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