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WI, in Return To Castle Wolfenstein, also called RTCW, is a Clan called Wolfenstein Italia.
This Clan have got more servers with XPSave and one Teamspeak server.
This clan have been founded in Italy.
Let's play into WI Server 1!
by May 09, 2006
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<Xevito> Gaybumsex wi' me tonight plz!
by Dogbert May 06, 2003
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Function: adjective

to be angry and at the point that one would assume anything goes.
Duuuude...I was playing Scrabble and this guy was totally wi when I challenged his word.
by Maria Sharp November 26, 2005
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Means wireless. Refers to being in a mobile world dominated by technology that is not tethered or constrained by place.
Modern technology has created a wi world. We can go anywhere and still be connected.
by kevinxray March 13, 2010
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A prefix meaning Wicked (started by Bill, Dan, and Matt), often found humorous when combined with a word begining with 'w'.
That chick is wihot.
The pool is wiwet.
Matt's farts are wibad!
by Bill Eburn August 15, 2005
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dj why
dj why are you sooooo smooooovvvvvvvvvvv

dj why the fuck are you playing that tune again

etc, etc
by wi March 05, 2004
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