A person who feels better than others, and lets you know it by making sticking their nose in the air.
Did you see that lady look at us? She's smelling farts.
by aimlesie January 20, 2006
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The act one partakes in one they sniff somebody after they make the mistake of sharting.
Person: I just sharted
Human:Can I smell it?
Person: But that’s poop smell fart, which is frowned upon in several countries!
by Strangers are scary November 21, 2017
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A person who tends to act arrogant and snobby. Generally lifts their nose in the air as if they are trying to smell a fart.
by monkeysbutt June 17, 2020
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Term used to the delusion of individuals who think they are producing something great when actually it's a piece of shit.
Hey Danaerys, it's Jon Snow. Have you seen the scripts for season 8. Weiss and Benioff think it's great. They have definately been smelling their own farts in the writers room.
by Jayboy1980 November 4, 2020
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a saying sometimes seen on license plates,printed on t shirts ect. That means that they are a hippie and if you don't like it you can go fuck your self.
by The Fury 13 September 21, 2010
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a meme in which two men freestyle against each other. one starts saying a rhyme which goes:

"you smell like you farted (farted)
harded (harded)
a-b, honour roll all f’s you retarded"
guy 1: you smell like you farted 😳
guy 2: farded 🤯
by jayquan. October 4, 2021
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it means your farts smell. nasty bitch. girls dont fart
my fart smell :(
no just shut up
by hitherlol April 22, 2021
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