A fancy word for "place where someone is performing". It can be anything from a Starbucks to a nightclub to a rented community center, whatever. The performer can be a band, a comedian, a middle school theater club, or anything else that involves performing. If somebody is performing somewhere, that somewhere is the venue.
Jake - "Hey, I heard Brad's band is playing at Red Column House tomorrow night"
Lake - "Yeah? That's a good venue. Sure beats the armpit they were in last week"
by VocabBreaker March 9, 2012
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In street racing terms, it's typically the actual place where street races happen on a frequent basis. Sometimes, depending on the locale, it may refer to a meeting place for street racing enthusiasts rather than an actual street racing area.
The Collard (fictional) road venue is wrapped up with cops tonight.
by BoostCreep May 12, 2009
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Venus is a very beautiful person. She’s kind and is sometimes emotional. She cares about other and she likes to buy stuff to people. She has been through pain and has a bit of trust issues. She likes to hang around with her friends and family. She likes to sing, listen to music, draw and be creative. She sometimes play video games and she has a huge crush on a guy. She will fight for what she wants. She’s independent and strong and is athletic. She is hot and cute. Both at the same time. A very kind person to have around in your life. She will always be there for you no matter what.

If you get insulted by someone she will back you up. Her name is the goddess of love and beauty. She can make anyone fall in love with her.

We all need a Venus in our life!
Boy 1: Wow Venus waved at me!!! I think im inlove!!
Boy 2: She is very beautiful.
by crazygirluwu February 17, 2020
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A strong woman on the inside. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She knows her boundaries. She is comfortable with her sexuality. She is grounded, and in the moment. Venus has a rockin body, and beautiful face. All the guys and girls are attracted to her looks and personality. She is true, and does what she pleases. She likes to make a difference in the world. She knows who she is. She loves life, and makes a good mom. She's love, in tune, brave, strong, and interesting. She is Venus. And she's refined with her taste and knows what she wants and needs.
Steven: Venus, I love you so much, will you marry me?

Venus: Yes, I will marry you. We will have lots of kids,have great sex and support eachother through thick and thin.

Steven: I always knew you were the girl for me.
by LoveBunnyRocks September 22, 2012
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Only planet in our solar system that spins clockwise.
Jupiter: :(
by Devawr March 18, 2011
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A beautiful woman with an adorable personality to match. This woman is usually very carefree and playful. She will be easily broken, but strong when it comes to opinions. When you're around Venus, you can't help but to smile.
"Venus feels really strongly about not liking him!"

"Venus is gorgeous. She's my world."
by BabyIsBeautiful September 12, 2011
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1. A super sexy Roman goddess who became just a little bit slutty and a little bit arrogant. She was gorgeous and eternally youthful, with beautiful reddish-blonde hair and perfect complexion. She is the goddess of love, beauty and everything sexual. In other words, she was perfect. 100% utterly perfect. She was married to graceless dumbass Vulcan, the god of fire. Her true love was actually Mars, the god of war. Their child was gorgeous goddess Harmonia. Male counterpart is Cupid. In Greek mythology, known as Aphrodite.

2. Second planet from the sun, very hot. Usually known to people as red, but sometimes it is beige.

3. Professional African-American female tennis player. Has a sister, who also plays professional tennis, named Serena. Last name is Williams. Often known as the best female tennis players in the world.
1. Marc: Venus is the most perfect, loveliest person in the whole world.

2. Nardward the nerd: I am doing a project on the planet Venus for the anual Wylie Junior High science fair.

3. Jessie: Venus Williams is my role model. She is the best woman tennis player to ever walk this planet.
by J.F.K May 30, 2004
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