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When both anal and vaginal fisting occur at the same time, so the man would be "handcuffed" and unable to move both his arms freely.
Last night I was fisting this chick, and decided to fist her ass too. (anal and vaginal) and my arms got stuck for a short time! it was like i was handcuffed!
by W0WH8terzzzzzz October 20, 2010
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having your significant other all tight and hugged up on
like if a dude somewhere and he got his female all tight so everybody know she with him
by Shannon November 27, 2003
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verb. past tense. used when something has been handcuffed

also used whenever something has happened and needs to be pointed out.
You just got handcuffed!
I cant believe you just handcuffed that guy, it was totally ridiculous.
That goalie completely handcuffed you in that last game.
I was walking down the street yesterday and got handcuffed.
I cant open my car door...Its been handcuffed.
I got handcuffed by the cops.
I handcuffed him.
You handcuffed me.
My calculator has been handcuffed.
That homework handcuffed my social life.
by Handcuffer April 23, 2009
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a chick who's hella young tryin' to get with everyone else around them that's hella old, while she's still a minor.
It's really the guys will get caught...handcuffed...get it?
by bare naked girls in the back seat September 06, 2003
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