the act of playing streetball (playing basketball outside) on a basketball court that is adjacent to, within, or in proximity of a Radar Base or similar millitary installment.
"Yo, it's a nice day out, we should go Radar."
by BrikEJ May 01, 2005
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This word has 2 meanings:

1) From "cockradar", meaning a girl who hangs around guys, flirting and fawning over them, in order to get some cock. Can also be used as a generic insult for someone.

2) Slang for a penis.
1st Meaning: "Sarah is such a radar."
"Fuck off you radar."

2nd Meaning: "I hear Dave has a massive radar."
by Facon October 10, 2008
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slang term for a chick with two eyes always looking in two different directions...
"hey check out radar over there. Who the hell is she talkin to, the lamp, or the plant??"
by crimson capper March 17, 2009
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When you whip your penis in circles and make radar noises to check for ghosts
Brandon gave the radar at tyler’s birthday party to make sure there were no ghosts around
by Freexxxtenc123 August 23, 2018
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An acronym standing for Radio Detection and Ranging.
I am the RADAR God! There is none higher.
by dammit janet June 13, 2003
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An alert to notify others in the area of a hottie passing by. Created by Louis in the early 80's it comes from the song "RADAR Love". Say your with a group of friends and a hottie is seen outside the window, all you have to say is "RADAR" and all eyes look where ever you are currently looking.
"RADAR" (a single word, nothing more, nothing less)
by JayMon June 02, 2003
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