Deadliest war in world history.

1931 - Japanese Army invades China, starting World War II in Asia

1937 - Full-scale war breaks out between China and Japan and Japan takes northeast China

1939 - German army invades Poland, Soviet Union invades Poland, Soviet Union invades Finland

1940 - Germany invades Denmark, Norway, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Italy invades Egypt, Greece, and British Somaliland, bombs the hell out of Britain, and Romania joins the Axis, Japan invades French Indochina

1941 - Britain attacks Italian Somaliland, Germany mows over Yugoslavia and Greece, and everyone invades the Soviet Union, the Japanese attack the US, Germany declares war on US

1942 - Germany takes over Vichy France, Germany and Japan lose the proper turning point battles at Stalingrad to the Soviets, El Alamein to the British, Japs lose Midway to America

1943 - Germany loses at Kursk to the Soviets, US and Britain takes Africa and southern Italy, Italy surrenders and joins the Allies

1944 - American and British forces launch D-Day, Soviets move west into Poland, every Axis that isn't German or Japanese joins the Allies, Battle of the Bulge fought between American and Nazi forces

1945 - Germany and Japan lose the war to the Ruskies and the Yankees
1. This war should never have been fought but Fascist lunatics decided to have some fun

2. France lost the war in 6 weeks though they had Norway, Britain, Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg as allies, had more troops, and had more tanks, but fought only Germany because Italy did nothing

3. Poland lost the war in 5 weeks against the combined German-Soviet forces without any help (compare this to France)
by Lord Yoyo February 7, 2004
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Often said when someone is about to bring the pain to another and/or kick their ass.
Girl:"I know I didn't just see you trying to holla at that girl!"

Guy: "No baby I was just..."

Girl:"It's about to be World War Two all over again nukkah!"
by DeuceDC5R December 10, 2004
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when three Jews are forced to have sex with each other before going into the crematory
My grandpa was forced to have a World War Two threesome
by Jshiisksksjajajaj January 27, 2015
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