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A younger man or with a longer, shaggy or full hairstyle typical of the sexy fuller male hairstyles common in the 1970's. (This term should never apply to a female.)
Those shaggy surfer guys in California were real hair dudes back before cell phones were in fashion.
by Jon64Bailey March 05, 2012

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1. a large, tall or heavy person of either gender: a fat and/or homely woman should be more properly called a 'cow' (conventional slang)
2. any large animal or thing (colloquial)
1. That 6' 5" 375 pound lineman is a real moose!
2. My German Shepherd dog is a MOOSE 150 pounds!!
That Kenworth truck is a moose for size!!
by Jon64Bailey June 21, 2009

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acronym for "goat-ass ugly"
All those free on-line gay porn stars are so gagly...like GAG me with a spoon!
by Jon64Bailey October 09, 2013

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an otherwise complicated task or victory made relatively easy or quick
My buffalo gun sure made short work of those hound dogs that harranged my cattle at 250 yards!
by Jon64Bailey April 13, 2009

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1. interjection get out of here!, beat it!, split!, vamoose!, scat!, scram! 2. bootleg (illegal) liquor 3. put a computer into operation from a powered-off state (also 'boot up')
The boys yelled "Boot, sister!" at the girl when she entered their clubhouse. Elliot Ness's Untouchables confiscated 5,000 cases of Canadian boot during a raid. This new software requires the machine be booted over again so as to install properly.
by Jon64Bailey January 09, 2008

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slang 1. any house, building or place 2. a Hollywood feature film with much rap in the musical score
When you come to my house, take your shoes off at the door so you don't get dirt all over the joint!

The film, "Clockers" is a "Spike Lee" joint.
by Jon64Bailey January 09, 2008

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a person or persons in the LGBTQ community (pronounced PASS-oh); an abbreviation for People (or Person) of (an) Alternate Sexual Orientation(s)
Tom is not an LGBTQ; he's simply a PASO. It's much easier to say, "Paso" than it is to say "LGBTQ".
by Jon64Bailey July 02, 2018

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