A rodeo usually begins at the end of a drunken night in the bar, with a game of "Pull the pig". Once someone wins by attracting the ugliest woman in the bar, the rodeo is on.

You will require at least one friend to beat you home and conceal themselves around the bedroom (under piles of clothes, behind curtains, under the bed, etc).

When you arrive home with your fat ugly trophy you must persuade her to come to bed with you, this is not usually a problem with the fatter more rancid looking catches.

Dispite how ill it might make you, you must engage in sexual intercourse as soon as possible to prevent your friends from getting cramp in their small hiding places...

The main event comes when she approaches orgasm (or before but this way usually gets a better effect). Remember you must be in the doggy position for any of this to work right..

As soon as she begins to climax, yell RODEO!!! at the top of your voice, at which point the room should explode with hidden friends yelling at the top of their lungs (with flashing cameras for best effect) causing your fat assed partner to start rocking and bucking like an angry buffalo trying to escape the flashing cameras and hide her big naked ass. The trick is to stay on her for as long as possible after the initial yell.
"Got a 13 second rodeo on Sarah last night, she won't talk to me now..."
by BenCP March 4, 2006
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one of the greatest trap albums ever made
Friend: What u listening to
Me: Rodeo by travis scott
Friend: kewl
by fwrfwqr September 29, 2020
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Knowing that you are going to have relations with your woman that night, you have your friends get to your house early and hide in the closet. While doing you girl doggy style you grab her by the hair. your friends then jump out of the closet and scream rodeo. Try to hold on for 8 seconds.
I pulled a rodeo with Heather but only made 7 seconds.
by buffalo471 September 23, 2006
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a sexual prnak. there are many variations. one includes two males and one female. one male does the girl from behind while the other hides in the closet. Quickly and silently, the two males trade places. the male who was doing the girl first then goes outside and taps on a window so the girl will look up and see he previous mate. the new male tries to stay on as long as her can.
That rodeo last night killed my legs, but i stayed on for 5 seconds!!
by Leroi February 14, 2007
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for a guy to straddle a girl so that she can suck his dick and while she does, he reaches forward pulling her head into the blow job and reaches back and fingers her pussy
I gave her deep throat rodeo style last night
by Rod X February 14, 2014
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wen u hittin it frm da back,wrap ur arms around her stomack adn whisper in her ear, "I've got aids" & c how long u can hold on
i tried da rodeo on dat hoe last nite.she got up dumass quik.
by baby gurl lia May 5, 2006
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A sexual technique used in the doggy-style position where, just before you cum, you say something designed to provoke violence from the person you are fucking, at which point in time you have to try to hold on for at least 8 seconds.
Say this next time you are fucking your partner doggy-style: "Can't you wiggle your ass a little? Your sister/mother/brother/dog/whatever isn't such a dead fuck..." and enjoy the rodeo!
by Echo 1 Romeo February 16, 2016
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