Kickball is a game of passion, of tears, of blood. It is the single greatest game ever conceived, besting even that of a good game of dodgeball. Technically kickball isn't a game of tears and blood, but a good game is marked by the presence of these two elements (as well as a correctly sized (approx. 10") Red Rubber Ball).
Similarly to dodgeball, it is traditionally played with a red rubber ball, but any kickable object is accepted. Traditional rules are similar to that of baseball (an infinitely inferior game, even if it is more popular). The chief difference is that in kickball you kick a ball, instead of, slightly homoerotically, swing at balls with your (wood) bat. Kickball also involves the fielders attempting to get out the runners by tagging them, or (for those with skill) pegging them. Knocking them over is a plus, but, unless otherwise agreed upon, offers no actual advantage. Other rules are followed if agreed upon.
A good kickball player will rule his/her respective playground or park. Or LEAGUE!
There are kickball leagues you can join. Just google it.
Kickball will soon become the national pastime. It is equal to dodgeball as king of the playground. Beats all others as king of the park.
by chuckletrousers May 10, 2007
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a game that simulates baseball, except the pitcher throws the ball underhand (bowling style) to the kicker at the plate, not batsman, to attempt to kick the ball fair to advance to bases or advance runners: the fielders catch and throw the ball (rubber ball about 10-12 inches in diameter) barehanded (w/out gloves): the game should be played on blacktop
John scored 5 home runs in kickball this week.
by Jon64Bailey January 11, 2008
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The mad illest game takin' over the whole east coast. DC is the kickballerz hotspot, playin mad games up on the national mall. The idea is mad easy, u kick a ball, u run, u bang da hoez afterwerds at the bar. DC FREEDOM 4 LIFE!!!
me: Yo B-train, u wanna play kickball?

billy: Sh*t, mad pimpz and hoez play kickball, fo' sho' I'm in

me: True man, true.
by "El Jefe" August 8, 2006
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Kickball, like "diaper" is one of those words that SHOULD become slightly embarrassing when paired with "adult". Something you'd rather not exhibit in public. Kickball is not a sport. It's barely a game. Kickball is what you force nine-year-olds to do for 45 minutes if you are a 4th grade gym teacher. Those who would never get picked or picked last for any other athletic sport ply kickball. The mass majority of people who play kickball are drunks and spend their evenings trying to re-live there younger days and end up getting wasted playing flip cup while cheating on their girlfriends or spouses. One who chooses to play Adult Kickball has not explored other options of activity or entertainment in that said area. Note all who participate in Adult kickball have never had any athletic skill hence they play a sport for 5 year olds so it gives them a false sense of athleticism, however they are a general loser period
Adult Kickball is a great way to show your lack of athleticism and maturity.

My 4th grade son loves football but plays kickball during PE because the teacher forces him.
by Mr. Succesful September 2, 2010
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1) Hell. For both children and adults.
2) Something lazy gym teachers make eight-year-olds play but never teach them how. Leads to #1, especially if you're a girl.
Evonne: Kickball AGAIN? Why won't Mr Williams let us play something ELSE!?
Anna: I know, right? He's always asking us why we stink when HE'S the one that never taught us how to play.
by belleauras July 7, 2013
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