Somebody who wraps their cum inside their foreskin and leaves it to dry overnight. They then chew on the crusty cum and get their day's worth of protein.
When my mom realized all my sheets were clean, she realized that I was a Fer.
by The Man with No Name November 07, 2017
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Man with large penis and hott body, Handsome, Has a good outlook on life when it comes to friends and family, Good listener, Intresting conversation starter, Random.
by Caaa July 16, 2006
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Yet another dumbass way to spell something. this also derives from the shark-like Stephanie Davey. Its for not fer!!!
lyke fer real dOnt be rude cuz im a drama queen. i lOve every guy and i always get dumped. including the time i gOt dumped twice in the same week by twO different guys!
by I Hate Her August 04, 2004
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For. With. Simplification of the word for.
"Drew, why did you take that stuartess home last night""

"Fer to bone"
by the whammer hammer April 01, 2013
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