1. A feeling or attitude that somebody or something is vile, inferior, or worthless; scorn or disdain.

2. In law, the display of disrespect or defiance of authority.
Lydia looked at her leech of a boyfriend in contempt; he'd lost his job, had no prospects, and begged her to quit her job at the club. She refused and told him to drop dead.

Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and her husband have earned the contempt of much of the United States; even Santorum has taken on a new meaning.

The wife-battering husband arrogantly flirted with female jurors, showing contempt to the court.
by Lorelili September 17, 2011
the state of mind happily regarding everything as inferior, worthless, below your level ... blissful arrogance
John's contemptment was in high gear today as he happily poured scorn on everybody.
by Akula September 25, 2009
to be as despicable.
I have contempt for you in my mind.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
A thread on a social media site used for collecting proof of a fictional character's limits. Used for arguing over who would win in a fight. Opposite of Respect Thread.
Don't be daft, Superman has been taken out by people much weaker than Thor. Check out his contempt thread.
by MugaSofer May 3, 2017
Noun: The passionless crime of neglecting one's vagina. The result is an unkept, fetid, malodorous vagina that is surrounded by tangled mange, often dotted with open oozing sores, and in serious need of douching.
Keyless "That escort had one of the most putrid and polluted pussies I've ever been in the same room with."

Josh "It looked like a scruffy sheep dog mutt trying to stick it's slobbering tongue out. It smelled like Phil Margera's briefs after a 5k in a hot suit, 2 sharts, and a month spent in an abortion clinic's medical waste container that has been sitting out in the 115 degree heat index."

Keyless "If that doesn't constitute a Contempt of Cunt charge, then I don't know what the hell does."
by Bosh Jurton September 8, 2011
What any decent person feels having discovered the difference between the public image of British Justice and the practical reality: huge costs; incompetent lawyers who still use photocopiers instead of electronic documents, complete disregard by the judge for prima facie cases of perjury, contempt of court (in one of the other senses), evidence tampering, and witness tampering, and the circular, self-supporting ramblings of the judgement.
Judge: You are in contempt of court, Mr Smith.
Mr Smith: Yes, I am. I am surprised you noticed. You don't seem to have noticed anything else.
by Neubigmac February 3, 2017