1. A feeling or attitude that somebody or something is vile, inferior, or worthless; scorn or disdain.

2. In law, the display of disrespect or defiance of authority.
Lydia looked at her leech of a boyfriend in contempt; he'd lost his job, had no prospects, and begged her to quit her job at the club. She refused and told him to drop dead.

Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and her husband have earned the contempt of much of the United States; even Santorum has taken on a new meaning.

The wife-battering husband arrogantly flirted with female jurors, showing contempt to the court.
by Lorelili September 17, 2011
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When someone (usually an opp) gets bitten on their eye by a mosquito and becomes dumbfounded.
Man like Sanjay is bare contempted. I heard a mosquito suckled upon his optical sphere and one's gangsterial capabilities have been compromised, yuh dig.
by Grall but Holy October 2, 2022
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the state of mind happily regarding everything as inferior, worthless, below your level ... blissful arrogance
John's contemptment was in high gear today as he happily poured scorn on everybody.
by Akula September 25, 2009
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That 1 in a trillion feeling after a mosquito sucks your eye for some bizarre reason. You feel utterly confused and cannot even formulate words.
Man got contempted, look at him. He tried to put a table on his food.
by Luke O'Niggley III October 2, 2022
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A thread on a social media site used for collecting proof of a fictional character's limits. Used for arguing over who would win in a fight. Opposite of Respect Thread.
Don't be daft, Superman has been taken out by people much weaker than Thor. Check out his contempt thread.
by MugaSofer May 3, 2017
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