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the essential noun (plural) in the cliche "The buzzards are circling." meaning

a. One's death is anticipated to be near with the expectation of the inheritance of money, property, etc.

b. One is expected to suffer some near future misfortune to the advantage of one or more others.
Tom: Our uncle is dying of cancer and he has us in his will. Our two younger brothers seems to be visiting him in the hospital a lot these days.
Joe: Yes, I can surely say the buzzards are circling.
by Jon64Bailey March 16, 2013

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the condition of being sexy (used of men or boys): "sexy" used of guys variously means....

1. talented, gifted, smart, educated, confident
2. in military uniform so as to appear brave and protective of the 'gentler sex'
3. clever, swift, dashing, cunning
4. good-looking, attractive to females or gay guys
5. sexually desirable; beddable in the eye of gay men or boys
6. atheletic, well-built, of good physique, of being a "jock" or "stud"
David Parson was a sexy guy since he had a well-built, slender physique. He was the epitome of male sexiness.
by Jon64Bailey October 10, 2010

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American colloquial (noun) the work of cowboys; beef ranching
The men did cowboying for a living when gold fever and color in the river ran flat.
by Jon64Bailey January 13, 2009

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Informal to make something at home; manufacture anything non-commercially (descended from the practice of rolling one's own paper-wrapped smoking instruments)
I don't buy store-bought spaghetti sauce: I roll my own from scratch.
by Jon64Bailey April 08, 2013

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she is so ugly you need 3 bags over her head, 1 over yours and 1 over your dog's!: five baggers are three times as ugly as "coyote ugly", about twice as ugly as "ugly as sin" and of course, 1 2/3 times uglier than even a three bagger
That chick I met at the biker bar was one five bagger from hell!!!!
by Jon64Bailey January 10, 2008

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the verb in the idiom "something to happen (to a person)"

meaning "(of a person) to experience death or some other misfortune; a euphemism"
If something were to happen to my husband, how would we make ends meet?
by Jon64Bailey March 16, 2013

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Slang destroy by fire; burn; torch (slang sense) or an occasion for doing this
Hitler hosted many a book barbecue in Nazi Germany.
by Jon64Bailey July 29, 2011

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