An Americanism is a word, phrase or expression, commonly used in the United States, that has managed to escape from America to pollute the wider English language.
Each Americanism subverts the integrity of the English language.
by AKACroatalin June 7, 2015
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Any American-ized word or phrase, such as changing the spelling of words to sound as they mis-pronounce them, using 4 syllables or words where 1 would have sufficed, or inventing a new word or phrase because it sounds nicer (most commonly heard whenever they are 'fighting for peace' again).
Color, Armor, Boro, Aluminum, Leftenant (??), putting Z's instead of S's in words, or using clunky acronyms because they make a meaningful word (Arrogant American Alliance with Rightwing Goverments against Hope!, or Aaargh!)

Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Nukes), The Road Map (Plan), Freedom Fighters (terrorists we like), Terrorists (anyone we don't), Terrorist Suspect (anyone), Liberating <insert name of latest militarily inferior country that has weapons we supplied and something we want> in the Name of Peace and Democracy (slaughter and pillage <name>), Anti-American (anyone who disagrees), Anti-American Activist (anyone that tries to stop us), Our Friends and Allies in Europe (anyone with nukes), 9/11 (oops, apparently having nukes doesn't make you immune to retaliation), Pulling Together in the War for Democracy! (so c'mon England, lets make some NEW enemies!).
by ..WiL May 20, 2005
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The belief that you should carry a pistol with you at all times.
Americanism is a great benefit in the hood, and in Miami.
by noster3 September 27, 2014
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The sad fact that America is taking over the world, but we'll stop em!! I guarentee it!!! They can't take over Australia!!!
"Look, it's a pontiac monaro!"
(note that a Manaro is an australian car, a shitty one at that, but NOT a pontiac)
by Torak April 26, 2004
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basically consists of falsely entitled americans who travel abroad and impose their laws are universal and supersede any sovereign countries
Example of americanitis include but are not limited to

Brittney Griner and her defense that her marijuana should be legal because she has a prescription in America.

Otto Warmbier, most likely suffered from Americanitis when he stole a poster in North Korea.
by MillieAKAStankAssSturch April 16, 2023
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Brits who went to America killed the natives and were too stingy to pay the small tea tax. They went mad because of the tea deprivation and decided they wanted independence! They swore never ever to drink tea ever again.
Me: Do you at least have a kettle!
Americans: *sweating*
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A make believe disease used to describe the condition of overweight Americans who think it's perfectly normal and acceptable to be obese.
An alarmingly high percentage of United States citizens suffer from Americanitis. More should be done to educate the public about proper diet and exercise.
by Doctor Pit March 23, 2010
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