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old ripped jeans
don't wear wack slacks to a wedding, unless it's an indie wedding like the ones advertised in iTunes playlists where they play Fleet Foxes and Tilly & the Wall.
by JohnnyLurg August 19, 2011

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"Candy" of abysmally poor quality which The Poopsmith gives to oblivious trick or treaters such as Homestar Runner on Halloween. Definitely not equal to a million pounds of candy, especially if you're going for quality over quantity like Bubs is.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {sniffs the bag} {slightly angry} Hey, you're right! Poopsmith, did you give me some bum candy?
by JohnnyLurg August 18, 2011

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AKA Sleazy Eden, a paradise for the promiscuous, a hell for those who aren't.

Also known simply as The Garden!
Person #1: What do they think they're doing? This is Huntington Beach (or virtually any other town), not some Easy Eden!
Person #2: What's the difference?
by JohnnyLurg November 23, 2008

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A girl who is both Japanese and a Jewish American Princess.
Usually the double jap is only half-Japanese.
by JohnnyLurg May 20, 2012

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the word that surfers yell when huge waves are coming out.
"Well we get on our boards and we paddle out
And we talk surfer clout 'cuz it's got lotsa clout (with the chicks!)
And we watch Pat get a bitchin' ride
And then another dumb surfer yells OUTSIDE!"
--The Ziggens, Outside!
by JohnnyLurg March 08, 2012

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staying home on Friday or Saturday night
"after I move out of my parents' house, I'll never be bound-and-hagged again!"
by JohnnyLurg August 19, 2011

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tragically dead, like the dog Old Yeller
Gary Coleman is yeller
by JohnnyLurg July 07, 2010

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