Only is used for syncing music on your iPod or your iPod like device. The rest is a bunch of advertisements and a way to suck up money, and for Flo-Rida to make a few more bucks by soaking you with $1.99 per song. Most people illegally bootleg their music using Limewire or Frostwire.
by Kyle 230 December 15, 2009
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A music programme created by Apple for use with the iPod and iPhone. I like to refer to it as the 'spawn of the devil', as it usually fucks up and deletes all my music about 3 times a year.
Person 1: My music has been deleted!

Person 2: What happened?!

Person 1: One word. iTunes.

Person 2: Enough said.
by JustANormalPerson. July 30, 2009
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A bloated music player by Apple that does not support Windows Media files. It is required to install iTunes if you want to even get 1 song on your iPod, iPhone or iPad, unless you're running Linux, where you can get libimobiledevice which allows you to manage iOS devices in Linux.
*iTunes has crashed*

Me: Bloated piece of shit. All I want to do is transfer my songs to my iPod touch...
by Well I'm Not You, Am I? May 28, 2011
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1. Multi-task music software created by Apple. Used to synchronize the iPod, organize compressed music files, listen to files, and purchase files from an online store at the price of a dollar each. Loved and hated during its introduction in 2003-2004 because it brought about a revolution in how consumers purchase music.

2. The organization software that comes with the Apple iPod.

3. The bringer of multiple clones of the original iTunes software, such as Real's RealRhapsody. Started the online music purchasing craze.
1. I have to download some songs from iTunes.

2. What's this CD in my iPod box? Hey, it's iTunes!

3. Thanks to iTunes, now it is easy to purchase music online, legally.
by robots on parade June 30, 2004
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A media management program released by Apple for Mac OS X and Windows. While it has some nice aesthetic features such as the Cover Flow and its brushed-metal UI, it lacks quite a few basic/intermediate features, such as the ability to properly play songs on playlists where the playlist tracks came from more than one folder. This can be a hindrance to some users.

Its media download service, the iTunes Store, offers audio tracks with digital rights management for 99 cents each, with select tracks without DRM for a slightly higher price. The iTunes Store has been available on the iPhone and iPod touch since near launch day in certain regions.
Person 1: Man, I love using iTunes because of its awesome Cover Flow feature, and the great music and movie selection in the Store.
Person 2: I kind of like iTunes too, but its organizational problems get on my nerves.
by ShimmerGardevoir September 21, 2008
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Audio management software created by Apple Computer. Features include: audio playback, cd-ripping, iPod sync, and an online music store. This software runs on Mac OS and Windows.
I used iTunes to organize my music collection.
by JWooden271 December 5, 2003
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Music service provided by Apple for use with the Apple iPod. Also a useless, piece of shit program with a somewhat limited amount of platforms supported (Only for Win XP, 2000 & Mac, Win ME & 98 users are left in the dark). Also a waste of time considering you can download music for FREE using programs such as Limewire or WinMX.
John: Hey, wanna go grab something to eat?
Fred: Nah, gots no money left. Spent it all buying songs off iTunes.
John: I told yo stupid ass to use Limewire. Oh well, it's yo dough...
by Just The Facts March 20, 2005
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