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what the Beastie Boys call a condom
"you get the jimmy protector"
-The Sounds of Science
by JohnnyLurg December 20, 2011

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uncool outsiders
"Who invited THAT tom-tom club to my party?"
by JohnnyLurg August 19, 2011

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An acronym for "Fuck Off And Let Me Be."
"FOALMB once, shame on you."
-George W. Bush, misusing this term.
by JohnnyLurg September 07, 2013

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having sex while using saran wrap in place of a condom. coined by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening in his comic strip Life in Hell.
Lacking any Coney Island whitefish, Brenda and Eddie impulsively decided to do it lunch style. Both of them would later regret the decision, for different reasons.
by JohnnyLurg December 29, 2011

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The state of being in a frenzy of constantly offending people with outrageous jokes of high shock value
Critics of the 2013 Oscars complained that Seth MacFarlane went shock wild with his perceived misogynistic and racist jokes, oblivious to the fact that it was amateur hour compared to his usual material.
by JohnnyLurg March 01, 2013

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The catchphrase of Taco Man, an unlikely superhero and the star cartoon character of Samuel T Nelson's Flash animation website Ebolaworld. Also the title of one Taco Man cartoon. It's like a cooler and detached yet sillier "d'oh!"
Taco Man: Now to save the kid!
(kid gets eaten by Donald McRonald)
Taco Man: Oopsidoodle!
by JohnnyLurg October 25, 2012

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a slang term for semen, coined because a) semen has an extremely warm temperature upon ejaculation b) semen is emitted in response to the physically attractive or "hot."

while not technically shit, semen is still an excretory substance. the only difference is that people are more willing to have semen on their bed than feces.
"Jennifer didn't even hesitate to lick my hot shit off her luscious lips."
by JohnnyLurg April 18, 2012

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