46 definitions by JohnnyLurg

staying home on Friday or Saturday night
"after I move out of my parents' house, I'll never be bound-and-hagged again!"
by JohnnyLurg August 19, 2011
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One of few euphemism for cunt despite being one syllable longer and possibly more offensive as it implies that women will only sexually obey men who give them money.
Mark: "Say, why aren't you with Jennifer?"
Steve: "Girl broke up with me 'cuz I called her a coinslot last night."
Mark: Dude, you're unemployed. You can't afford a fine 75 cent coinslot like her!
by JohnnyLurg March 01, 2013
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a euphemism used by a untalented musician when breaks up with his talented bandmates.
"You guys used to be such a riot! What happened?"
"Artistic differences."
by JohnnyLurg August 06, 2010
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Somebody who bites the penis while giving oral sex.
"I said suck the motherfucker, you bitin' it, shit!"
-N.W.A., "Just Don't Bite It," an anti-biter anthem.
by JohnnyLurg November 23, 2011
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"Candy" of abysmally poor quality which The Poopsmith gives to oblivious trick or treaters such as Homestar Runner on Halloween. Definitely not equal to a million pounds of candy, especially if you're going for quality over quantity like Bubs is.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {sniffs the bag} {slightly angry} Hey, you're right! Poopsmith, did you give me some bum candy?
by JohnnyLurg August 18, 2011
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GUY #1: I got rejected by five girls in one night.
GUY #2: harsh realm, dude!
by JohnnyLurg August 19, 2011
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