46 definition by JohnnyLurg

an acronym for the phrase "excellent, dude"
Guy: I finally got a job at the Sizzler!
Ted: XD!
by JohnnyLurg October 25, 2012

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slang for American money despite meaning Japanese currency, used by many young Americans
"Yo Skeeter, give me all your yen! I need to buy some Nic-Nacs!"
"Tough luck, Roger, I spent my last cent o' yen on a Beets bootleg at Honker Music Shoppe."
"Aww man!"
by JohnnyLurg September 18, 2012

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One of few euphemism for cunt despite being one syllable longer and possibly more offensive as it implies that women will only sexually obey men who give them money.
Mark: "Say, why aren't you with Jennifer?"
Steve: "Girl broke up with me 'cuz I called her a coinslot last night."
Mark: Dude, you're unemployed. You can't afford a fine 75 cent coinslot like her!
by JohnnyLurg March 01, 2013

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fine uncut Turkish hashish
all I wanted was some steez
by JohnnyLurg March 25, 2012

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