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"Who invited THAT tom-tom club to my party?"
by JohnnyLurg August 20, 2011
the only word the Vermicious Knids know.
the Vermicious Knids are a bit like South Park's Timmy or every single Pokemon except Meowth and Mewtwo, except that they aren't named Scram.
by JohnnyLurg March 8, 2012
"Ew, is that smegma?"
"Nope, just a dicknail."
by JohnnyLurg February 10, 2013
don't wear wack slacks to a wedding, unless it's an indie wedding like the ones advertised in iTunes playlists where they play Fleet Foxes and Tilly & the Wall.
by JohnnyLurg August 20, 2011
an acronym for the phrase "excellent, dude"
Guy: I finally got a job at the Sizzler!
Ted: XD!
by JohnnyLurg October 25, 2012
slang for "born-again Christian"
"Ned Flanders is such a borno!"
-Homer J. Simpson
by JohnnyLurg August 19, 2011
having sex while using saran wrap in place of a condom. coined by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening in his comic strip Life in Hell.
Lacking any Coney Island whitefish, Brenda and Eddie impulsively decided to do it lunch style. Both of them would later regret the decision, for different reasons.
by JohnnyLurg December 29, 2011