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people who bought Flood as their first They Might Be Giants album.
"Oh you're one of those Floodies, huh? I'm a Lincolnite."
by JohnnyLurg October 14, 2011

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Someone whose popularity keeps dying and reappearing, much like Kenny McCormick from "South Park."
"I wonder how that social Kenny's gonna die next!"

Social Stan: OMG, they socially killed Social Kenny....
by JohnnyLurg November 23, 2008

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a hangnail on one's penis
"Ew, is that smegma?"
"Nope, just a dicknail."
by JohnnyLurg February 10, 2013

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"that movie so score"
by JohnnyLurg August 19, 2011

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a euphemism used by a untalented musician when breaks up with his talented bandmates.
"You guys used to be such a riot! What happened?"
"Artistic differences."
by JohnnyLurg August 06, 2010

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A joke that is such waste of speech that it might end up being funny. Might.
Hank the Cowdog: I've got a duck joke. What's the difference between a duck?
Schnauzer: A duck and what?
Cowdog: Just a duck that's all.
Schnauzer: I don't get it. What is it?
Cowdog: One leg's the same.
by JohnnyLurg November 23, 2008

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A comment made by a secretly Jewish person which reveals their Jewishness.
Many white supremacists dedicatedly waited for Robin Williams to utter a Judean slip, but the day never came.
by JohnnyLurg March 01, 2013

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