Societies proof that dressing like a hobo has finally ascending to becoming a status symbol.

Popularized in the 1980s, the fashion trend revolves around wearing jeans which are ripped, frayed, bleached or excessively worn. In spite of common sense indicating otherwise, it has continued to remain popular with large segments of teenagers and young adults.

Often bought for outrageous prices in excess of $100 at popular mall clothing stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch.
Why people would pay more for ripped jeans than regular, intact denim jeans is beyond me.
by PocketPick April 12, 2009
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Jeans that are oximoronically(new word?) pre-ripped. Basically poser teenagers buy these for extremely high prices so they can look cool, tough, and weathered.
Real Ripped Jeans:
Hey look, that guy has a pair of work pants with holes in them. He must be pretty hard working.

Wow, that guy is a fuckin' poser.
by Me47 April 19, 2011
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basically the most attacked clothing at any family event
granny: what are you wearing young lady?
me: uh jeans?
granny- they are ripped jeans!!
me: ...
by kylehhhh April 21, 2019
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Smartest thing invented. Makes teenage girls think they make them look cool because they probably saw some "hip" celebrity wearing them on MTV.
14 year old girl: OMG! Like, check out my brand new ripped jeans that I bought at abercrombie yesterday. They were on sale for, like, $110!
Me: *trips girl, causing her to scrape her knee*. I'm sorry, that was an accident. Why were you wearing ripped jeans?
by Brother Moses January 10, 2006
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What better way to look cool than torn-up, ripped jeans?
by pensi December 4, 2005
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1. When you and your bro friends are having a good wrestle, and he rips your favorite jeans by the seems.

2. A phrase used in excitement when no other words can be applied
1. (Billy and Jim are wrestling) "Dude! You're ripping my jeans!"
2. "Man this project sucks!" -Johnny

" Yeah, it's ripping jeans..." -Billy
by Yultzo March 9, 2011
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"A massive hit from the 1980's - early 90's, this type of jeans slowly seemingly to come back into the modern fashion statement of the latest decade along with the '1980's return' retro craze. - Alternatively today in the modern world of fashion, casually worn by many celebrities, & 'people who can pull them off' relying on the additional clothing. they generally can either look 'REALLY GOOD', OR 'REALLY BAD'. A pair of pre-torn jeans can be bought varying from almost any price range, some extending to far beyond the average purchase price. For instance, a normal pair of Gucci jeans that had been distressed, ripped and covered with African beads, when they debuted in October 1998 in Milan, were priced at $3,134.

You will notice that Good designer brands such as Diesel, G-star, Replay, Vivienne Westwood etc. all include into some of their range a slight tattered pre-torn/pre-ripped effect usually found amongst the higher paid jeans for their brands but can vary.
old school "Ripped Jeans" - An 80's swag jeans, a top casual style of jean within fashion (but if over-done with the wrong clothing will look terrible or if self-torn you're a joker for even walking out the front door).
by DontCATtheSWAG. June 25, 2013
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