Means got to go, though i don't see why someone can't just type got to go. Damn lazy youth.
"i g2g eat brunch with my cousins"
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 26, 2005
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what an asshole online says when you just got to the good part of the conversation. They say g2g and you get PISSED OFF because you don't have anything better to do, and your friend that just said g2g is probably going to wack off or something...
IMer1: so that's just when she says
IMer1: oh, g2g
IMer2: c'mon i wanted to hear that!!!!
IMer1: too f***ing bad, you sorry loser, i have to go wack off or something!
IMer2: fine, cya
IMer1: bye
by Kikkoman May 13, 2004
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an easy way of getting rid of that boring person on msn
instead of making up a lame excuse u just say g2g
and then talk 2 your other friends!!!
betsy- so wots been happening...blah blah blah
taetard- --zZZzZ-- oh poo g2g
by taetard February 16, 2007
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(1) "got to go", or (2) "good to go"
(1) imdude: house is on fire! g2g


(2) imdude: I'm all packed. u g2g too?
by rlecour May 21, 2007
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